Calum Chambers

Calum Chambers

My name is Calum Chambers and my financial adviser is Gareth at ProSport.

I’ve been working with Gareth for around eight years now.

Gareth has helped me with everything financial, I can talk to him about the football side of things as well. Everything on the financial side of things, buying a property and everything else he does.

It puts me at ease that Gareth is there to advise me. He’s a great guy, I feel comfortable talking with him about anything, it really helps.

A professional footballer should have a financial adviser, they should look for someone who they can trust. That’s the main thing for me is having the trust and be able to talk to someone whenever you feel like it, whenever you need. I think every footballer should have a financial adviser, for sure.

Working with Gareth definitely makes me feel more comfortable about my money and finances. Everything is done for me, we’ve talked about with me and my whole family. Every decision that’s been made has been together, as one team.

It was massively important to me that Gareth had a good relationship with me and my family. So that at any point, anyone can call him up and ask him about something. That for me was, you know, massive that relationship was there for all of us.

The words I’d use to describe Gareth are trustworthy, understanding, and a friend.

The best thing about working with Gareth and ProSport, is the relationship I have with Gareth. The fact I know that my money is in safe hands and that there’s a plan for me in place for when I finish my career.

The best piece of advice Gareth has ever given me would probably be listen to my Mum. This is because she’s got her head screwed on and she keeps my feet on the ground when it comes to spending money. They work well as a team, it’s like good cop, bad cop.

I would definitely recommend Gareth and ProSport to anyone, any footballer out there. I’ve been using him for so long now and I’ve built up such a good relationship with him. I trust him with anything and I couldn’t imagine going through my career without him.

I know my money is in safe hands and I have a plan in place for when I finish my career

Calum Chambers