Our approach

Personal financial planning services

As a sporting professional the highs can be incredible, but the lows can be devastating. So, knowing your financial future is secure for both you and your family is paramount.

At Pro Sport®, we understand the world of sport. Managing Director, Gareth Griffiths, is a former professional football player and having retrained as a financial adviser in 2006 he now applies his financial acumen to deliver financial advice that’s based on the mind-set and intricacies of the sporting world.

Chartered status

We hold one of the industry’s top accolades – Chartered Financial Planning Status.

Our commitment to achieving the highest standards of services runs through our organisation – whether that is our knowledge, our behaviour or our client service, we ensure we achieve more than the minimum industry standard. We know what questions to ask our clients to ensure our work meets their exacting requirements for where they are in their life stage.

Our approach

Taking time to understand your financial goals and priorities. Working with you to explain what you can expect at every stage of the planning and investment process. Explaining, in simple terms, how investments work and the choices available to you, before you make any decisions.

Regularly reviewing both your circumstances and your investments, to make sure your plans stay on track. This is particularly relevant as you approach retirement and need to plan for 20 years plus. Working closely with your solicitor, accountant and other professional advisers, to ensure a coordinated approach to your financial affairs.

Our experience

  • Highly qualified independent, specialist Wealth Managers.
  • Well practised in creating tailored solutions.
  • One of five specialist wealth management and financial planning businesses within Group IFA.
  • Greater understanding and feeling of control over your finances.
  • Confidence that your investments are right for your circumstances.
  • Peace of mind that you have the assets you need to meet your objectives.
  • Your own experienced adviser to help you make important decisions and deal sensitively with any changes in your personal situation.

Our fees

  • Transparent and uncomplicated fee structure.
  • No charge until you are certain that we can add value to your financial arrangements.

Your initial and ongoing fees agreed, and set out clearly in writing, before work starts.

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