For a client-centric organisation, the client journey is a key benchmark for success. At Pro Sport® we are committed to exceeding client expectations. Here are just a few of the comments made by clients:


I would like to thank Pro Sport® for all their help over the last few years. They have provided me with solutions and options of what can be done with my finances, while also helping me with my Pension planning. I have had regular and productive meetings with the group and always felt they have had my best interests at heart.

Mark Hudson

Coach, Huddersfield Town FC


The service provided to me by Pro Sport® has been unbelievable and has helped me understand, develop and plan my future finances, I’m truly grateful for their help and guidance.

Aaron Wilbraham

Rochdale AFC


I have used Pro Sport® Wealth Management now for several years and found them extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They always come back quickly and efficiently with any questions or problems I have and I never felt that I am being sold to. They have always been professional and confidential in everything they do and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone

Dan Ashworth

Technical Director, Brighton & Hove Albion


Pro Sport have not only arranged and sorted my pension in a matter of months they have also given me sound financial advice that will see me through my transition as player into other avenues I wish to pursue. I had previously been 18 months trying to get a statement about my pension. They were approachable and very professional dealing with any query I had quickly and successfully. I would definitely recommend them to other sports professionals and have done so with other footballers. Great service

Gary Jones

Ex-Professional Footballer, Bradford and Rochdale FC


From the moment I made the phone call I realised I was in the best possible hands. Pro Sport Wealth Management absolutely put my mind and worries at ease.  I tried many avenues before them and was left feeling baffled. I only wish I called them first. The staff have been brilliant and kept me up to date all the while. The transaction has been done with the upmost professionalism and I would truly recommend them to any professional footballer either approaching their retirement or at retirement.  I can’t thank them enough

Bradley Maylett

Ex-Professional Footballer, Burnley and Swansea FC


I have used Pro Sport Wealth Management now for several years.  They were very helpful and extremely knowledgeable in areas where I had previously had some poor advice. They initially made the often difficult transition from playing to working outside football straightforward for me financially. Since I began my career in coaching/ management they have also helped with some complex financial issues, contractual , legal and accounting advice. Pro Sport Wealth management have given me great advice and support allowing me to focus on my career knowing my families finances are in excellent hands.

Michael O’Neill

Manager, Stoke City


I have been working with Pro Sport for the last 5 years now and couldn’t thank the team enough for helping me with my finances and also planning for the future ahead. Once again great work!

Aaron Cresswell

West Ham United


I have been a client of Pro Sport for over 10 years now and I couldn’t speak highly enough of them and the service they provide. Working with Pro Sport has been the best financial decision I have made in my life for me and my family. I’d urge any footballer or sportsman of any age to work with them. It’s allowed me to fully concentrate on football and has given me great advice into my finances for when my career comes to an end.

David Marshall

Wigan Athletic